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Single Station Registration

If you have to enter information for 25 or more stations, click here for a list of Toll Free numbers where you may speak with an agent.

How to find your MFG Date

Step 1:  Enter your Swivel Model #, Dispenser Serial #, MFG Date below and click Submit.  Repeat this step until all Dispensers are registered.  You should only enter data for a single station.  If you have more than one station for which you wish to enter data, you will be given a link on your registration confirmation page that will bring you back to this page.

*Swivel Part #

*Dispenser Serial #

*Swivel MFG Date (MM-YYYY) (if you do not see the date in the dropdown list below, then your product is not affected)

Add to List

Step 2:  Verify the information below is correct.  One Dispenser Serial # may have up to 6 MFG Dates.  Once you have entered all of your data, please click on the "Continue to Registration" button.

Swivel Model #
Dispenser Serial #
MFG Date