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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I know if my swivel connectors are affected by this recall?
•    Step 1 is to identify the swivel model. This recall affects OPW Model 241 TPS and Model 36S swivels.  Refer to the photographs of the swivels on the recall website and notices.
•    Step 2 is to determine whether the swivel was built in the affected date range. Check the build date on the swivel. The swivels involved in this recall bear “MFG” dates from January 2013 through March 2017 for the 241 and 36S.  The 20S swivels involved bear dates from January 2013 through August 2017.  Refer to the photographs of the swivels for the location of the MFG date

2.    How does the recall and replacement process work?
•    Participants must provide contact information and details about their affected swivels through either the website registration form or by telephone to a customer service representative.  This includes the swivel manufacture date, the site address and dispenser serial number.

•    OPW will then directly ship new, alternative swivels to replace your recalled swivels. OPW can only provide replacement swivels once the affected swivels have been properly registered

3.    Why is this information and registration required?
•    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other government agencies around the world, require certain records to be collected and verified.  Thus, the information provided herewith is subject to audit for accuracy and verification.

4.    How long will I have to wait for replacements?
•    OPW will do its best to provide replacements as quickly as possible.
•    Please note that OPW has proactively ramped up production in anticipation of replacement orders. We ask for your patience as we fill orders.

5.    Will I get an identical replacement swivel?
•    Replacement swivels will either be Model 45 swivels or new Model 241 or 36S swivels. These are a direct substitute for the affected swivels.

6.    Do I need to take all of the fuel pumps with these swivels out of service? 
•    No. When the swivel is removed, you always have the option of directly connecting your nozzle to the hose after removing the affected swivel and continuing to use that hose/dispenser while you await a replacement. The gas pumps will be fully functional without the swivel. 

7.    What do I do with the swivels that are removed?
•    Please tag and destroy the removed swivels according to the instructions provided with your new swivels. You must certify the removed swivels have been or will be destroyed by you before OPW will ship replacement swivels. Affected swivels should not be installed or reused.